Do you need a solution where you don’t have to run the software?                             Where you don’t need to worry about accounts?                                                       Where all you do is just load up your jobs and log out?

Are you an aggressive IMer or SEO Company that just needs their                            social links taken care of? Period, end of story?

After a lot of requests from power users that answered YES                                           to all the above. We present our newest subscription level called


This is a hosted, managed solution by the web2rule team

  • We will set up your stealth client on our servers
  • We add all the PVA accounts needed
  • We replace bad account’s if needed
  • We keep your client humming 24/7
  • You make more money focusing on your core business model

All you need to do is login to your software from time to time, set up your jobs and  that’s it!

Agency also comes with all the regular benefits of a sheath user account and some x2 bonuses!

  • Promote 14 Domains at once.
  • DOUBLE social credits added automatically per month.*X2 for every job ran
  • DOUBLE traffic credits added automatically per month.*X2 for every job ran
  • Use Private Job Feature
  • Stealth accounts accept 16 social accounts, earning huge credits every day
  • Account comes with full sets of premium accounts provided by us.
  • Bad accounts are replaced by us-included
  • Priority support via Skype
  • This level is limited on how many will be available. Less than 40 AGENCY level accounts will be available, then it will be only if someone gives up their account. This account is Ideal for professional, aggressive IM people or SEO firms that just need to maximize the power of Web2rule.


* X2 credits for this user level are added the first of every month. So If you earn 3k credits in a given month on the 1st of the next month 3k bonus credits are added to your balance.